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The best psychologist in Orange County? How to find yours

If you’re searching for “The best psychologist in Orange County”, this is a ‘how to’ guide for things to consider in finding the best help for what you need.  I must confess that I’m guilty of it too: doing an internet search for “the best (fill in the blank)” for anything from toasters to motor oil. What comes back is often a list of commercially sponsored web sites, posing as unbiased reviews, trying to get you to buy their products or service. It’s just plain difficult to get the information you need to make your own clear choice about what will actually fit with what YOU need. When it comes to getting help for personal and relational issues, I will occasionally get people in my office who tell me “I tried therapy before, but it didn’t work.” When I find out more about their prior experience getting help for themselves, there is often a fundamental mismatch that doomed the situation from the start. I’m glad they persisted and tried again, but I can’t help but wonder how many others never tried again and continue to struggle on in life alone with their issues.  So, if you are reading this post my most sincere hope is that it will leave you better equipped to pick “The best psychologist in Orange County”, or for that matter, a marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical social worker, life coach, psychiatrist or pastoral counselor because they are the right “helper” for you and your situations.


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